Frequently Asked Questions

Where do dreams come from?

Dreams come from the spiritual realm which includes both dark forces and the Light. When dreams are uplifting, joyful, full of color, inspiring, prophetic, redemptive in nature, etc, they come from the Light. When dreams are intimidating, fearful, lacking in color, full of anxiety, without virtue, they come from the dark side of the spiritual realm.

In our work, we have found that regardless of source, understanding the meaning of the dream can help people on their life’s journey. In the case of dreams from the Light, they serve as a guide for the path that will lead us into our created purpose and true joy. In the case of dreams from dark forces or negative energy, they are always the opposite of what the Light desires for us and therefore can help us understand what is hindering our journey.

What method of dream interpretation do you use?

We use the ancient Hebraic method of dream interpretation that focuses on understanding elements of our dreams as symbols and metaphors. We look to the definition, purpose, function and characteristics of the main symbols of the dream and their relationship to each other to string together the main message of the dream.

Does every symbol mean the same thing from one dream to the next?

No. We each have a history and cultural understanding that the spiritual realm is aware of. So, symbols will appear based on that history and cultural understanding.

For example, in many western cultures, dogs are pets and companions. Therefore, they often represent friends and friendship in our dreams. However, in Korea, for example, they eat dog meat. Therefore, a dog in a Korean’s dream could mean spiritual food.

Also, our own personal history can influence the interpretation for a symbol. For example, if the dreamer has always had a family dog that was cherished and loved, it would be a good symbol…and again, a companion.  However, if the dreamer was once bitten in the face by a dog, most likely, a dog is going to represent some kind of spiritual attack coming against the person.