Dream Workshops

Bring inspiration and the creative potential to unlock destiny to your next business meeting, social group, art opening, festival, dinner party, or awareness gatherings.

Spirit Illuminations is a uniquely creative way of expressing and showing how much you care for your friends, clients, business associates, and customers. We offer dream interpretation and so much more!

We have found that there is a hunger to merge the marketplace with the spiritual. Every day, people are wanting to have a touch from something more powerful than themselves… something that will satisfy their deepest desires, their spirit.

We offer a holistic approach to one’s journey, serving in a manner that will bring the help that is needed for your spiritual growth process.

We have touched countless lives with the spiritual interpretation of dreams or spiritual readings. You may know us through a festival or event, and we welcome you to get to know us even better outside of our regular gatherings:

* Body Mind Spirit Expo
* Bix Jazz Festival
* Mind Body Spirit Festival
* Sundance Film Festival
* Mystic Garden Party