Dream Interpretation

Dreams have the creative potential to unlock destiny and impact our spirits! The night season can be a powerful time of receiving revelation from the spirit realm that will lead to lasting transformation. It just takes believing that we can hear from that realm in our dreams, understanding the messages that we receive through them, and responding to those gifts deposited in our spirits.

Dreams can function in your life in a number of ways:

  • Giving you insight to your destiny
  • Helping you discover your natural and spiritual gifts
  • Bringing you healing from your past wounds – physical, emotional, or spiritual
  • Providing you with the understanding you need for spiritual growth in a particular area of your life
  • Illuminating new viewpoints and perspectives of the way you see yourself, your sphere of influence, and others in the wider world.
Spirit Illuminations offers an initial Dream Interpretation for a suggested donation of $15, with further analysis and direction provided upon request and negotiation. To submit a dream for interpretation, please use our Contact Form and follow the instructions on that page.