"Living on the Edge between the Visible and Invisible Realm of Spirituality"


Spirit Illuminations¬†offers dream interpretations, spiritual readings, and various spiritual encounters such as: inner transformation, hope for the soul, healing touch, father’s and mother’s blessings, and card readings. We offer a holistic approach to one’s journey and serve in a manner that will bring the spiritual insight needed to help you in your growth process.


Dreams have the creative potential to unlock destiny and impact our spirits! The night season can be a powerful time of receiving revelation from the spirit realm that will lead to lasting transformation. It just takes believing that we can hear from that realm in our dreams, understanding the messages that we receive through them, and responding to those gifts deposited in our spirits.

Inner Transformation

We draw from the purest, original Source of eternal light, partnering with the Creator of the Universe to help lead people into a place of transformation. This Pure Light embodies the breath of Life itself, destroying the spiritual cobwebs and shadows that prevent us from seeing and living with clarity and purpose.